missionFounded in 1919, The Educational Sales Association of New England is a non-profit, professional alliance of men and women who sell products and services to elementary and secondary schools in New England. Our purpose for existing is to do some of the things that individual sales people (or their companies) cannot do themselves.

Our major activities are involved with the sponsoring of exhibits and the operation of our website. We partner with about 25 educator groups throughout New England in planning and implementing exhibits. Our main goals in sponsoring these exhibits are to provide opportunities for our members to display their products where educators gather, to maintain reasonable costs and to improve exhibit conditions. We also provide information and schedules concerning exhibits which ESANE does not sponsor.

Our Website is a sales tool for all members and as an information bureau for the teachers, administrators, and supervisors teaching in New England. The website continually adds grants, resources and information regarding changes in education for its members. ESANE supports the Educational Districts from the six New England States. ESANE.org – members can notify ESANE with any changes in their contact information and it will be updated on our website immediately. New members are added on a daily basis. Our website is used by teachers, supervisors, and administrators in public and private schools throughout the six New England States.

ESANE also serves its members by acting on behalf of the educational support industry in local, state, and national concerns. Increasingly more educators have come to rely on our Association for information about availability of products and services, conferences and conventions, and employment opportunities.

ESANE is governed by an Executive Committee; the management of exhibits and other affairs are handled by an Executive Director appointed by this Committee. Our full-service office provides various benefits for our members.

Finally, ESANE is an association of individual sales representatives, not of companies. Our Executive Committee is responsible to the interests of it over 200 members only and not to the companies or management that these members represent.